What to expect during your lactation consultation:

We usually plan for 1-2 hours (varies depending on circumstances) to devote plenty of time to you and your baby.   A typical lactation consultation involves the following:

  • A complete breastfeeding history taken for both mother and baby (this may be emailed in advance to save you more time during the consultation).
  • A maternal breast exam and infant oral exam.
  • A pre and post feed weight taken to assess baby's breast milk intake (it is best to make sure baby is ready to feed for most accuracy).  We will also carefully assess a breastfeed as well as other factors to help determine baby's intake too. 
  • Throughout the consultation, we will be helping you with suggestions and techniques such as optimal latch and positioning methods and assisting with use of any breastfeeding aids, as needed. 
  • At the completion of the consultation, we will review a detailed care plan to help guide you following the visit.   Along with the care plan, we will provide handouts and other resources that we feel may be helpful. 
  • We will provide ongoing guidance via telephone and email support as well as any follow-up consultations, if needed.  This support will continue until you feel you no longer need further lactation support.